Client Testimonials

Connor, a Tutor Lab Client

"I like the Tutor Lab better than other tutor places.  I feel that it is more personalized than others.  The tutor spends time to make sure you understand the topic as well as planning the next session that works best for you."

Karyn, Mother of Client

"Things I have noticed: Alicia was able to make an instant connection with Connor.  He can be shy and reserved and he isn't at all with her.  He looks forward to having his sessions with her because he knows that she will explain things to him and he can also ask for help with things that he doesn't understand. That is big deal for us because of his shyness.  He doesn't like asking for help or admitting he doesn't understand things, but with Alicia that isn't an issue at all." 

Elizabeth, Mother of Client

"I really appreciate The Tutor Lab.  We use The Tutor Lab for High School Geometry.  Our Tutor, Naomi, is very accommodating and even comes to our house to tutor our daughter.  The Tutor Lab's prices are quite reasonable and I feel we receive great value for the cost.  I have seen improvement in my daughter's math skills since using The Tutor Lab.  Naomi challenges our daughter and helps her grow in both her math knowledge and skills.  I appreciate the written assessments I receive of my daughter's progress at the end of our 5 tutor sessions. I feel The Tutor Lab is an excellent resource for students to use who need assistance in math."

Josiah, a Tutor Lab Client

"The Tutor Lab is helped me fully understand a few things that I needed help on for chemistry, and thanks to them I now get the concept in full."

Theresa, Mother of Client

"We called at the last minute to find a tutor for my son to help him prepare for his ACT test in 2 weeks and Naomi replied.  She helped set us up with a tutoring schedule that wasn't too overwhelming for our son, but yet covered all parts of the ACT.  Halfway through our tutoring schedule, Naomi had to leave out of town but left us in good hands w/Joel.  Both these tutors took time and explained things to my son on a level he was able to understand.  They were also very open to his questions and encouraged him.  He felt prepared and ready to take the ACT test.  I will definitely be contacting the Tutor Lab for any other tutoring help!"